Whirlie Records was founded by Aly Bain and features music from his solo projects, duets with Ale Möller and Phil Cunningham as well as from several TV series including The Transatlantic Sessions, The Highland Sessions, Aly Meets the Cajuns & Down Home

The Best of Aly Bain

Aly Bain (MBE) is a Shetland fiddler who learned his instrument from the old-time master Tom Anderson.  Bain is now considered one of the finest fiddlers in the Scottish tradition. He became nationally prominent as a founding member of The Boys of the Lough, with whom he played for over 30 years; receiving several honorary citizenships in the USA.

Aly has released three solo albums on Whirlie Records and a collaboration with the BT Scottish Ensemble. He also records and tours extensively with Phil Cunningham recording six albums with Whirlie.

Simultaneously to his solo and duet projects, Aly collaborated on television projects with Pelicula Films Director, Mike Alexander and Producer, Douglas Eadie, working on several international television series: ‘The Down home Recordings’, ‘The Shetland Sessions’, ‘Aly Meets The Cajuns’, and four series of the Transatlantic Sessions – in 2010 winning the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, “Good Tradition Award”.

Transatlantic Sessions – Series 3: Volume Two

The Transatlantic Sessions is now in its 5th series and over the years has featured over 100 artists including:

Ale Möller, Allan MacDonald, Allison Moorer, Aly Bain, Bruce Molsky, BT Scottish Ensemble, Cara Dillon, Cathal McConnell, Catriona Mackay, Dan Tyminski, Danny Thompson, Darrell Scott, Davy Spillane, Dezi Donnelly, Dick Gaughan, Dónal Lunny, Donald Shaw, Dougie MacLean, Eddi Reader, Emily Smith, Emmylou Harris, Fred Morrison, Guy Clark, Iris Dement, James Graham, James Taylor, Jay Ungar, Jenna Reid, Jerry Douglas, Jim Sutherland, Joan Osborne, John Martyn, Julie Fowlis, Karan Casey, Karen Matheson, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Kathy Mattea, Liam Ó Maonlai, Mairéad Ni Mhaonaigh ,Mark O’Connor, Martha Wainwright, Martyn Bennett, Mary Black, Michael McGoldrick, Michelle Wright, Molly Mason, Niall Vallely, Paul Brady, Phil Cunningham, Rod Paterson, Ronan Browne, Rosanne Cash, Rufus Wainwright, Russ Barenberg, Sam Lakeman, Savourna Stevenson, Sharon Shannon, Simon Thoumire, Stuart Duncan, Tim O’Brien





  1. Hi Aly and Whirlie Records!

    Please could you ask your UK Press/Media folk
    To send me a promo of the Transatlantic Sessions 5 vol 1 album
    For my Acoustic show every week which goes out
    On 4 BBC stations in the West of England

    Kind regards
    Johnny Coppin
    BBC Radio Glos
    London Road
    GL1 1SW

  2. admin

    Hi Johnny,
    I’ve passed on the message. Thanks.
    fyi – The new site will be up soon after which this temporary site will point to whirlierecords.co.uk

  3. Hi,

    I would be grateful if you could send a promotional copies of Transatlantic Sessions Series 4/5 to the address below. I read about it in the latest issue of fRoots and would like to consider tracks for my Klingan programme http://www.sr.se/p2/klingan on Sveriges Radio (Swedish equivalent to the BBC) and on our online global jukebox SR Världen http://www.sr.se/srvarlden.

    With thanks and warm regards,

    Lennart Wretlind
    Helgagatan 30
    118 58 Stockholm

    • admin

      sorry for the delay in posting this but I did forward tour details as soon as it came through. Many thanks. WR

  4. Arvey McFarland

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Where may I purchase copes of ‘The Highland Sessions’, volumes 1,2,3?

    Thank you,
    Arvey McFarland

  5. Hi, I’m the owner of a small, independent theater in Portland, OR, and I’m interested in screening some of Aly’s videos, especially the 1988 Aly Meets the Cajuns. Can you put me in touch with the distributor? Thanks.

    • admin

      Hi Lani,
      sounds brilliant. Can you email your details to us at info@whirlierecords.co.uk
      (Please note the .co.uk rather than .com)
      We’ll then connect you with the right folks by email.
      Many thanks,
      (Just noticed I already have your email in the form. Will be in touch. Thanks)

  6. john laird

    TS 5 DVD. I just discovered was also recorded in the region 1 format. Trying to find a copy. Amazon USA shows a 4-6 week delay do not want to wait that long.
    Any idea where I can buy one?
    I have 1-5 DVD in PAL format and a machine that will play them. Would love to have them all in region 1 format.
    I just can’t get enough of that series.

    John Laird
    Bulverde, Texas

    • admin

      Hi John,
      As part of our new distribution deal with Allegro the whole catalogue is being released in NTSC for the US. It was just PAL until recently.
      Transatlantic Sessions – Series 5 DVD was available from 14th June in USA as NTSC (0) region.
      You can can buy from Amazon although I agree it’s not very clear and we’re trying to improve the listing.
      Also – NTSC (0) region DVD versions of TS2 & TS4 are available on Amazon.com for pre-order – with release date of 13th August.
      I’ll be adding direct links onto the site here as soon as possible.
      Many thanks John,

      • john laird


  7. Wendy

    I am totally confused as one DVD of ‘Transatlantic Sessions Series 2′ was released 26/09/2011 and another DVD was released 19/11/2012, is there a difference? And have both of these got the same content as ‘The Original Transatlantic Sessions DVD’ by Whirlie Records 2008?
    Many thanks,

    • admin

      Hi Wendy,
      There have been six series of Transatlantic Sessions. For each of these there is a DVD that covers the entire series and there are also either 2 or 3 audio CDs of the music from each series.
      The first series (Original) was such a success that it laid the groundwork for each of the following series 2 to 6.
      The one complication is that series 2 was originally released by Warners and we at Whirlie only recently got the rights back to re-release it ourselves. This put the catalogue numbers and dates out of sequence which may be the issue causing you confusion. Series 6 is currently being broadcast in the UK and we’ll announce the DVD and CD release dates for this soon.
      Each series has a house band supporting different featured artists under the musical direction of Aly Bain and Jay Ungar for the first series and Aly Bain and Jerry Douglas after that. Whilst some artists have returned the music in each of the six series is different.
      Do hope this helps clarify.
      with kind regards

  8. Wendy

    Thank you so much, this is really helpful :)